It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it

For 25 years I have had the pleasure of teaching many individuals my love of dance. Over the course of these 25 years, many things have evolved in my world and the world around me. One thing remains the same though. I love to dance. I love to teach dance and I love seeing the progress in every dancer that graces the floor. Although my values, beliefs and morals may be considered old school to some, I feel it’s one of the best ways my students grow and develop. If you want to become the best version of yourself as a dancer, grow and develop into a kind, compassionate and loving human being, then Move N’ Grooove Dance Studio is the place to be!

See you on the floor!

Owner/Artistic Director

Creative Expressions

*offered for 2 – 4 year olds
*exploring the world of dance through creative movement, play & imitation
*all guided in a disciplined & loving environment

Pre-Primary/Primary Program

*offered for 5 – 7 year olds
*classes consist of ballet/jazz/tap
*all guided in a disciplined & loving environment


*offered for ages 8+
*classes focus on classical dance, building proper technique
*posture, balance, control and fluidity
*the basis of all dance forms


*offered for ages 8+
*classes are upbeat, fun & energizing
*classes focus on technique in the areas of jumps, kicks, turns & floorwork
*we also focus on classical jazz training, and not just tricks


*offered for ages 8+
*classes focus on proper technique in the body to get the most out of your sounds
*we also focus on clean, crisp sounds that help you make “music with your feet”

Hip Hop

*offered for ages 7+
*upbeat, energetic & fun
*there are many variations of hip hop & street jazz, we follow a more traditional style but explore & teach current movement as well
*we move the way the music makes us feel

Musical Theatre

*offered for ages 7+
*we sing, we act & we dance
*we teach this class as if we were triple threats and act out some of the greatest moments in musical theatre history

Adult Programs

*offered for ages 18+
*classes offered in ballet barre/jazz n’ hip hop/total barre & pilates/la barre chaude/tap
*so much fun under one roof

We make you want to dance...right now!

“What Move N’ Grooove is all about…”

Technique Based Studio

Move N’ Grooove takes pride in teaching their dancers the proper technique in each style of dance and at the age appropriate times. We understand that not every child grows, develops or learns the same way, so we ensure most classes have an assistant in order to keep the flow of the class going, but to be able to take the time to assist everyone in the class. We not only teach the art of dance, but also the art of kindness, trust, compassion, empathy, while instilling strong morals and values. We love teaching dance, but what we love more is guiding our participants to become the best version of themselves and a beautiful member of society!

Fundraising Based Studio

Move N’ Grooove Dance Studio really stepped out of the box this past season (2018/2019) and shifted their focus from a 90% competitive dance studio to having no competitive dance at all for one season. Our shift allowed us to focus more attention on technique, performance and fundraising; skills we believe carry our youth into a stronger future! There is a certain need for competitive activities in our life, and it does teach our youth some very important lessons, but this past season was about using our talents to do more for others and not just for ourselves.

With our Dress Down Dancer weeks (students pay $2/class to dress down or in theme of week) we donate money to a local charity at the end of the week. From September – May, we’ve raised approximatly $1800 for local charities. Our Sick Kids Fundraiser held December 2018 raised over $6300 which was divided equally between our new POGO Clinic here in Peterborough at PRHC and Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto. Our Camp Kerry Fundraiser held in April 2019 raised over $10,000 with an anonymous donator from BC matching it to make it over $20,000 total! We also had the privledge of performing at the TASS Sweet Charity Event held at TASS through the Integrated Arts Program and run by Susie Clarke as well as performed at Picking Up The Pieces in February 2019 for the Murphy/Alderson Fundraiser! I know the dancers and I have had a very successful season and I am confident in saying, “I did the right thing, and I have no regrets.”

Performance Based Studio

Move N’ Grooove loves to perform within our community and share our love of dance! We have just recently returned to performing locally and we have had so much fun doing it. We were given the privledge to perform at Big Band Day downtown Peterborough in September 2018, Canterbury Gardens in November 2018 and May 2019 and Royal Gardens in November of 2018 as well. Move N’ Grooove was also spotted at the opening ceremonies of the CIBC Run for the Cure in Peterborough at Del Crary Park in September of 2018 and will be at Relay for Life at Kenner on Saturday, June 1. We also enjoyed being in the Santa Claus Parade in December 2018! We feel this is a great way to give back to the community that has given us so much over the years and the more we can get our kids in front of an audience and at various venues, it builds their self confidence, self esteem and creates resilience through adaptation to changing circumstances. Need entertainment for your next event? Give us a call!

Pre-Competitive Based Studio

Move N’ Grooove is excited to be returning to pre-competitive dance for the 2019/2020 dance season after a one season hiatus. Our model will look different from the previous seasons, but I am confident we will rise to the challenge and do our very best. We look at our competitive component at MNG with our quality over quantity outlook. Our routines are clean, precise, well thought out to adapt to various ages/levels and formations and transitions are spot on! Although it is exciting and eye catching to capture all the flips and tricks, it certainly is not our main focus when preparing/choreographing our routines. I am excited to see our results this upcoming season!